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Have to stick with super glue

Contents: The tile was cute, but hard to stick. I had to use super glue and a heat gun.


Contents: the glue on the tile lets go to easily put down and within a day or two tile is starting to come up. i will have to go get some floor tile glue and do a lot of patching to get it to stay down.


Contents: I love these tiles. I want them for my bedroom. It looks real and shiny. I need this.

Folded/bent corners

Contents: Looks nice BUT came with folded and bent corners that would not stick down and later caused issues! Adhesive not strong and starts to slide!


Contents: This product is a total waste of money. The description said no additional adhesive was necessary, however the tiles would not stick at all so I even added liquid nails and they still would not stick. Don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!


Contents: This is very cheap material and doesn’t stick!! I’m returning unopened box. This is absolute GARBAGE!! It rips easily!!

Very impressed!

Contents: Perfect for a mini makeover

Nice flooring

Contents: These are some nice foreign tiles. They have a little bit of texture on them, which really adds to the effect and makes it look more realistic. The key is to make them really close together so that they look like they're not just squares. They're really easy to install, and so far, they've held on without any issues.

They look amazing

Contents: My kitchen is on the small side, so the floor was done pretty quickly. It looks great! What I really like is the realistic design. The tiles have a kind of waxed look to them. The adhesion is really good, but it's always a good idea to have a little extra glue on hand.

Perfect for my cats room.

Contents: I've been using these in my cats' room, in the area where their litter boxes are. It makes cleanup a breeze, and I don't have to worry about bleach ruining the floors underneath. They're really easy to install—just peel off the backing and stick them down on the floor. This is a great product.