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Buena calidad

Contents: I was pretty happy with the result, but I thought the price was a bit high. However, I should mention that the installation was really quick and easy, and the quality of the product is really good.

Great Company

Contents: These tiles are pretty heavy. They came in their original lightweight cardboard box, but all four corners were damaged, so all the tiles are damaged. I couldn't return them because of my mobility issues, but the company offered me a full refund. I'll definitely buy from this company again.

Amazing product!

Contents: The installation was a breeze. This product is amazing! I highly recommend it.

no need to use real tile any more!

Contents: It's simple, quick, and clean! They stick well to the floor, but some may require extra glue for added strength.

Love what I picked out !

Contents: This is a great deal for laying a floor in a mobile home. I'll be doing this after Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it.

Great product

Contents: It's really easy to use and turned out better than I expected. I love the new look of my room. I'd highly recommend it.