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Only got 24 pieces not 30

Contents: Only got 24 pieces not 30

None stick

Contents: Product sticks for 5 minutes and when I asked if I should use like guerilla glue, they said it's strong enough and glue may not react right, so I have a floor of unstuck peel and not stick.

Damaged tiles

Contents: Some tiles are damaged, but they look nice.

Love it

Contents: Ok i bought too many that’s why i returned 2 quantity but still didn’t get refund yet why? Its showing (Refund Issued: $108.86 for Art3d Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles 30-Pack ... and 1 other item, available on original method of payment. Details but still cannot see it on my account


Contents: These tiles donot stick and they are not scratch resistant

Wrong amount

Contents: They said 30. Got 29, but my floor looks unfinished.


Contents: The tiles are nice, but the glue is horrible. The tiles don’t stay together or stay on the floor. I wasted $44 on a product that doesn’t work. The company needs to do better. I’m upset that I wasted my money on this product.

Easy and nice

Contents: I bought one box to put under a vanity I replaced to match the flooring. I didn’t mind if it didn’t look good because you wouldn’t see it much. They replaced the floor with what I had, so I used it for the laundry room. We're redoing the laundry room, so the floor probably looks a mess. Please focus on it! It's easy to lay, but make sure the floor is clean. The room was just concrete. I wiped it down to make sure it was clean. One piece of dirt was under one square. I'm glad it was a square under the washer because these things are hard to pull up. I had to pick up a few squares when matching up, but I made sure not to read down until I was sure it was in the right spot. I ordered three more boxes and they matched. They have arrows under it. I wouldn’t always follow them. Match the grains to make them look like long planks to avoid the square tile look. The arrows don't always face the same way. I finished it today, but one section has been done for over a week with a lot of traffic, and it's still good! I'll come back to edit if it falls apart. The space in the picture took four boxes!

Durable and Beautiful- Very Easy Install

Contents: I'm using this vinyl tile to put down a new floor in my main bathroom. It looks great with my fixtures and shower tile. The pattern is great. The finish seems durable. The adhesive is strong but repositionable. The tile is easy to cut with scissors or score and snap cleanly. It's an easy installation. The tiles have arrows on the back to avoid repetitive patterning. At 30 tiles a box, these tiles are a great value. I only need two boxes for my relatively spacious bathroom. Some tiles smelled like nail polish remover. I found some tiles smelled like nail polish remover, but they're airing out nicely. I'm happy with my order and will buy more.


Contents: Very easy installation