Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your working time?
    Working Days: Mon. – Sat. (Time Zone: UT C +8:00)
    Working Hours: 9.00AM – 9.00PM (Time Zone: UTC +8:00)

  • What is the service language
    Chinese, English, Cantonese, Thai and Formosan

  • Do you support payment against cargo collect?
    Currently cargo collect only available within Mainland China, it is not available for other countries and regions.

  • What else payment do you accept other than Paypal?
    Other than Paypal payment, we also accept TT transfer, West Union Transfer, Alipay and Wechat transfer, please contact us if needed.

  • Can leather wall panels be used in outdoor?
    Leather wall panels are for interior wall decoration only, it can’t be used in outdoor.

  • Which port is the loading port in Guangzhou?
    For FOB terms, the nominated loading port is Huang Pu port of Guangzhou, if you want to load your items at other ports, please kindly inform us, you may need to paid some additional cost.

  • Does samples available?
    Yes, samples are available for Art3D. you need to pay for the sample at first, we will send the coupon together with the samples, you can use it when place formal order. Please order samples at

  • Why does Art3D sell the wall panels in box?
    We pack the wall panels in box to save the cost, for the order less than a box, you have to check with us before placing the order, we may don’t offer order less than a box, please kindly be aware.

  • What are the differences between 3d pvc panels, interior 3d panels and exterior 3d panels?
    3D PVC Panels are made of PVC, it is extremely good at fire-resistant, it can be used in both interior and exterior environment, however, for exterior wall decoration, we suggest using Exterior 3d panels.
    Interior 3d panels (plant fiber panels) are made from natural plant fiber (fibre), such as sugarcane stalks (bagasse) or bamboo pulp, they are 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable products, interior 3d panels can’t be used in outdoor.
    Exterior 3d panels are made from ACM reinforced resin, which is a kind of aeronautical materials that extremely suit for exterior wall covering, we offer 10 years quality assurance for exterior usage.

  • When will I receive my purchase?
    If the item(s) you wish to purchase are in stock, we will send out the item(s) within one week, unless an expedited shipping method has been established. However, offers a wide array of items, many of which are subject to longer lead times and limited stock. We do our absolute best to ensure that the delivery times listed on each and every product page are accurate and up-to-date. If you’d like to place an order but would like to verify stock and / or lead times, please feel free to call us toll free at +86 20 2988 6433

  • Why Art3D offer 2% discount for TT payment?
    Our online transaction is done through Paypal, which we have to pay around 3% commission of total amount in each transaction. Other than that we also accept TT payment, for TT payment, generally we paid $15 ~ $60 for each transaction. Thus for order value over $ 2,000, customer pay by Bank transfer will better off.
    Please note that we only offer this privilege for order value over $2,000, of cause you have right to give up to the privilege.

  • What if my order arrives damaged?
    Every shipment is insured in the unlikely event that damage occurs during transit to your shipping location. While cases are extremely rare, damages do happen once in a while. We request that you inspect your item(s) upon delivery. If your item(s) shipped via common carrier i.e. FedEx or UPS, simply refuse delivery and contact us immediately for a replacement. For LTL deliveries i.e. Yellow Freight, Con-Way, Road-Runner, etc., print “Damaged Upon Arrival” where you sign for the items and refuse delivery. After delivery is refused, we will file a claim and send you a replacement product. If the product is accepted and damaged, you will be responsible for filing a claim with the proper carrier. For damages unnoticed at the time of delivery, we require that you send us photographs via email within 24 hours, so that we can address and correct the situation.

  • How can I track my order?
    It is very convenient to track your order, login with your account and password, and then you will see the order status, we will offer you the express tracking number after the goods delivered by express company, then you can track your order with the tracking number in relative express company website, we will also send you the link.

  • Is the price I paid in the website already covered the tax?
    The price you paid in the website is not include the tax in destination country or region. If you choose express delivery, for most of time in most of the countries or regions do not need you paid the tax, but if the goods is too big or the value of the good too large, the custom may ask you paid the import tax, in that case, you have to paid the tax by yourself.
    If you choose ocean shipment, you have to pay the import tax when do custom clearance.

  • Can I customize my own design?
    Customization are available for order over 100 square meters, order quantity less than 100 squre meters please check with our sales, regularly the price of custom designs will be higher than stock patterns.
    For the file for customization, we prefer “.dwg” format files or any other 3d soft files, if not, please send us the photos and dimensions.

  • HS code / customs code of wall panels

    SKU Product Name in Custom System HS Code Remark
    A10*** 3D PVC Panels 44111299  
    A11*** 3D Bamboo Pulp Panels 44111398  
    A13*** Leather wall panels 44111799  
    A14*** Coconut tiles 44111899  
    A15*** Reclaimed wood tiles 44111999  
    A19*** Decorative grille 44112398  
    A20*** Exterior 3d pangls 44100398  
    A21*** Plant fiber panels 44211398  

  • Container information

    20″ Standard and 40″ Standard is the most popular containers in ocean shipment, the following are the information about container capacity.

    Container Type Size (Inside) Maximum Weight Limited Loading Capacity (CMB)
    20″ Standard 5.898×2.352×2.385 m 21 T Around 28 CMB
    40″ Standard 12.032×2.352×2.385 m 26 T Around 56 CMB