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A12001 - 3D Faux Leather Tiles,  High Quality PU Leather Mosaic (20 Pieces)
Sep 09, 2015

Great product at low prices, arrived 6 days earlier than expected so I'm really happy!

By Paul From United States
A12001 - 3D Faux Leather Tiles,  High Quality PU Leather Mosaic (20 Pieces)
Sep 01, 2015

Nice design!

By adachen3 From United States

Leather tile is perceived as an elegant and even luxurious material, because it used to be very expensive and only wealthy people could afford to buy leather wall tiles in their home. of course, nowadays everyone can be able to afford but the image remained the same.

Art3dTMFaux leather tiles are much more practical than wall paper and much easier to install compared to ceramic, composite or pressed paper tiles. Other than that, 3d faux leather wall panels create amazing custom headboards or accent walls installed permanently on the wall or as temporary modular panels.

As a leading manufacturer, supplier and designer from China, we are delight to present our state of art leather wall tiles in both modern and classic designs, the textured leather tile is made from high quality PU / PVC  leather, it is water proof, sound proof and easy DIY, all the designs are 4 sides repeatable and seamless splice.

Faux leather wall tile is a classical building material, usually seen in traditional interior wall decoration. 3D leather tiles offers great solution to home theaters and entertainment rooms decoration due to their soundproofing qualities. It can also be included in modern or contemporary decors, 3d faux leather tiles can make our bedroom and living room looks elegant and also has the natural touch of leather. With the right leather wall design, it gives the room a very elegant feel.

Custom services are also available for Art3d, we have been working with may top rated designer and offering them state of art faux leather wall panels or even natural leather wall panels continuously!