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A14901 - Coconut Wall Paneling Sample
Sep 13, 2015

I received the sample with good, thank you very much, I am going to buy more items and resell here.

By Jochem From United States
A14018 - Coconut Shell Mosaic 11 Panels 10.66 Sq.Ft
Sep 09, 2015

Product exactly as anticipated. Order arrived earlier than expected! Will definitely recommend to others.

By Marlon G From United States
A14006 - Coconut Shell Wall Covering 11 Panels 10.66 Sq.Ft
Aug 14, 2015

This is Kim from Hong Kong, I am interest in this design for a project, can I get a paper catalogue of Art3D? I want to show it to my customer.

By 11013344 From United States

Reply:Dear Kim, our sales will be in contact with you for your request, best regards.

A14012 - Decorative Coconut Shell Tile 11 Panels
Aug 10, 2015

Although this item was not what I was expecting once it first arrived. The finished product was well beyond amazing.

By dosborn From United States
A14003 - Coconut Wall Art Covering 10.7 Sq.Ft
Aug 06, 2015

Great tile, great prices and great service.

By rowright_s1 From United States
A14001 - Decorative Coconut Wall Tile 11 Panels
Aug 06, 2015

I had been searching for this product through various online sites and was very surprised to find it with ATR3D. The product is cheaper than others and was very easy to work with and was exactly as described. Cutting outlet and wall lighting holes was tricky but the end result turned out very good. Contact cement worked very good with this as well.

By balwant From United States
A14010 - Coconut Shell Mosaic 11 Panels 10.7 Sq.Ft
Aug 04, 2015

Funny products, it is a pity that I have bought another design, if not I will chose this one for sure.

By sunfrom From United States
A14012 - Decorative Coconut Shell Tile 11 Panels
Aug 04, 2015

The items are stunning, very easy to stick onto the wall, my wife like it very much.

By sunfrom From United States
A14017 - Coconut Wall Tile 11 Panels 10.66 Sq.Ft
Aug 04, 2015

It's well made and blends in perfectly with the house... It doesn't look like a wall paper I added, it looks like I spent lots of money to make my walls stand out. I'm happy with my purchase.

By ryanryan From United States
A14003 - Coconut Wall Art Covering 10.7 Sq.Ft
Aug 03, 2015

Customer service very helpful & friendly, from start to finish, my experience with was perfect. Tiles arrived on time and in good condition. It was exactly what I wanted and my living room now looks so beautiful.

By Christian From United States

Coconut tiles are natural and ecological wall materials that made from coconut shell salvaged in tropical area, they represent the respect of nature. Today, the voice eco-responsibility of reusing materials is getting higher and higher, coconut tile might be one of the answers for green decor for interior. It’s indisputable that coconut panels bring beauty and character that nothing else can, handcrafted wall art of natural coconut tiles or coconut mosaics from actual coconut shell salvaged, each piece’s imperfections make it unique… no two pieces of coconut wall panels are alike.