3D Leather Tiles in Living Room Wall Design

Leather element is a symbol of elegance and nobility, it is always be connected with luxury and art, no matter in traditional or modern wall design, leather tile is always be chosen as featured and precious element to upgrade the level of extravagance. [caption id="attachment_9817" align="alignnone" width="2800"]3d-leather-tiles 3d leather tiles[/caption] This is a project of 3d leather tiles in living room wall design. In this project, the wall chequered with 2 types of Art3d leather tiles in different color, one in square and the other type in rectangle. combine elegant 3d leather tiles with creative lighting system, the result are sparkle. The 3d leather tile is a elegant and light wall material that manufactured by Art3d LLC, it elicit a sense of warmth and comfort, 3d leather panel featured in fire resistant, zero formaldehyde release and  easy installation, it can be easily cut by utility knife and seamless splice. Looking for more 3d leather tiles? please go to leather tiles online store.

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