Economic Way To Delivery 3D Wall Panels To Thailand

Save 80% of delivery charge for Thailand customer!! Yes, you read that right. Many customers from Thailand really like our 3d wall panels, however, when they check out, they found that the air shipment cost is higher than the value of 3d wall panels,  now we have finally find a better solution for that. Other than ocean shipment and air express delivery, there is also a trucking delivery between Thailand and China, thought the shipment time will be a little bit longer than air express, the price is just 1/5 of the air express cost. for example, for 30 Kgs of 3d wall panels, you have to paid over $300 for DHL express, while if you make it delivery by trucking, the delivery will cut down to $60, it really save a lot! 3d wall panels Don't wait, let's shop decorative wall panels

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