Product Description
Reduce Fatigue, Prevent Feet, Legs and Lower Back Pain and Add Up To Your Working Space’s Decoration Thanks to the Ultimate, Most Stylish, Decorative Foam Floor Mat!
If you are a chef, a bartender, a retail shop assistant or you simply spend long hours standing, aching feet, lower back pain and discomfort are part of your daily life.
If you have been looking for a way to soothe pain and remain comfortable throughout the day, your quest stops here!

The Art3d anti-fatigue standing mat is bound to give the solution to your problem, providing you with unmatched support and comfort!
1” Thick Ergo-Foam Core Standing Mat Which Reduces Fatigue While Standing
Forget about cheaply made, thin and sinking foam mats which fail to support your body and prevent pain.
This premium quality kitchen and office mat for standing features a 1’’ thick ergo-foam core which can provide soothing relief, allowing you to stand for long periods of time while remaining perfectly comfortable.

Durable, Stain Resistant Construction, Bevelled Edges and Stylish Grass Cloth Pattern
This ergonomic foot comfort mat features an extremely durable construction that assures unmatched longevity.
In addition, its beveled, non-curling edges prevent tripping accidents while the non-slip bottom keeps the mat in place, preventing it from slipping on the floor.
The stain-resistant surface allows you to effortlessly keep it clean!
Last but not least, the striking, classy grass cloth pattern makes this kitchen and stand up desk mat the perfect addition to any environment, adding style to your living and working spaces.

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