The Art3d Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat is designed to provide all day standing comfort. Use our standing mat in your kitchen, bathroom, playroom, work shop, or work station. At home or at your business, this floor mat provides stability and support for:


  • Chefs and cooks
  • Counter personnel
  • Standing desk workers
  • People who perform standing work of any kind


Dramatically reduces stress by up to 40%

The Art3d Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat 3/4" foam dramatically reduces pressure on your feet, knees, joints, and lower back. The ample size makes it ideal for home and commercial use and for anyone who spends long periods of time working on their feet. In short, we designed our mats to be used in real life by making them comfortable, stable, non-slip and non-toxic. They perform on all floor surfaces and can be vacuumed and cleaned as needed.

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