Packaging Detail - Plank dimension: 6" width x 36" length x 0.06" thickness, pack of 36 pcs, covers 54 sq.ft

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Art3d Luxury Wood Grain Vinyl Floor Tiles



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Customer Review

Color off

Contents: Not as dark as I wanted.

Pretty Good So Far

Contents: These floors were super easy to install. My space is about 500 sqft. I purchased 4 boxes and will need about 2 more. Love the color & they feel like real floors! Hopefully they last long

Great product

Contents: Great upgrade for the RV . Thumbs up.


Contents: My floor looks 100 times better with this flooring. My project lacked a couple more pieces, AND there was glue stuck to a couple of the planks, but I wasn't going to purchase another whole box just for those EXTRA pieces.

Highly recommend

Contents: Installed a month ago with no extra glue- might add some now just to make it more sticky. Super easy to cut with a knife and scissors!

Great alternative to laminated wood flooring cheaper too.

Contents: Flooring was very easy to install. Looks great and so far appears to be very durable. Super easy to clean. Waterproof too.

Overly priced.

Contents: Easy to install. Looks nice. Don't see this floor lasting long. Moved fridge and it indented the flooring. Had to peel it up. (Came up easily) Thankfully had extra pieces to replace indented ones. I'd recommend for small areas not large high traffic areas. We will be using something else when this flooring needs to be replaced.