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Art3d Luxury Wood Grain Vinyl Floor Tiles 



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Looks great

Contents: Love the flooring

Looks like real wood planks

Contents: Easy to install. After reading reviews I came with the idea to sand my tile floor and clean off with alcohol before installing sticky part. Because some parts of my tile was uneven I did decide to grout in between planks. Finally for a clean and sleek look I did caulk corners in a grey color to match. I’ve mopped and spilled water on it, no lifting has occurred.

Easy installation with great look!

Contents: We're in the process of redoing our kitchen and we had to redo the floor due to uncovered water damage. This stuff is awesome! We put down new subfloor so it stuck on great. Few corners as others have mentions had started to come up but I used some floor glue and put something heavy and it was good to go! We plan to do the rest of the main floor with this product.

Superior product and adhesion

Contents: I bought a case of this to do my bathroom and ended up liking it so much I thought I’d try and do my main living space. It looks incredible and even the grout lines for the tile underneath weren’t noticeable. It was super easy to apply and cut. I did end up removing it because I simply don’t have the time to do the entire living space with a new baby. When I went to remove it, it is so sticky I had to scrape it off in pieces with a knife. The adhesion is so incredible it took my socks with it like a scene out of home alone. If I had the time and energy, I definitely would have done my entire house

Great tiles

Contents: They look really good. Easy to apply. Would definitely recommend

Paquete roto

Contents: Empaque roto. No muy buen aspecto. Mala calidad

Floor Tile

Contents: In love with the tile, however, I couldn’t use it after all because we changed our mind about the color we wanted to use.

Great product

Contents: Loved how fast they arrived and how light and easy these were to install. I was hesitant to try stick on linoleum flooring, but these look so realistic noone could tell the difference. Only 12 strips in a box so I had to order another box. Praying the pattern matches!

Amazing. Huge difference on a budget

Contents: I never write reviews but I gotta say these made our apartment night and day difference. We love it. Made it modern and got rid of those ugly parcade flooring. They stuck real well and were easy to cut. No issues. I used contact cement on the odd piece in a corner near the walls. Only negative which isn’t even that bad was of the 8 boxes 1 box the tiles were a bit damaged. Still had plenty to work with. I would 100% recommend. Thanks Art3d

Installation a breeze!

Contents: We were skeptical about this - but didn’t want to spend a ton of $’s for our basement laundry room and bathroom - we carefully measured out the space - added 15% more of spoilage (human error) - first row was tricky but the planks are easy to adjust if needed. Would highly recommend!