Product Description

 Art3d New Smooth Ceiling Tiles for the best you!!

The advantages of the material are waterproof, washable, class A fire-rated, hygienic, flexible, lightweight, rust-resistant, and rot-resistant.

It's the ideal option for both residential and commercial applications in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, school classrooms, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

It's constructed into the standard size 2ft x ft and 2ft x 4ft, easily fitting the standard 15/16" T grid system. 



Art3d smooth PVC ceiling tile, made of virgin-grade PVC vinyl, which is extremely durable, is the best alternative to traditional mineral acoustic ceiling panels!



Customer Review

Great ceiling tiles

Contents: These are easy to install, and it's easy to wipe off any smudges. They look a lot better than what was there before, too.

Ceiling. Panels

Contents: Bought as replacement but Very small almost not fitting into regular ceiling framework

Suspended ceiling

Contents: Looks great. Easy to work with

Love these panels

Contents: These 2' X 4' plastic panels are GREAT! They are sooo easy to cut. Just score and snap, like sheetrock! They will not split even if driving a screw near the edge. I love them. I already bought 4 boxes (10 panels per box) and will need to buy at least 2 more. Terrific product.

Nice and sturdy.

Contents: Cuts like foam core, look great, a little heavy to lift the package but 1 at a time is easy. Beautiful look, wish I had started with these.

Ok but flimsy

Contents: Was looking for a more durable product

Easy to work with

Contents: Good product easy to cut and fit,will order it again in the future.Highli recommended.


Contents: The product is good overall, but I was disappointed to find that one corner was broken upon arrival.

Fixed my ceiling tile!

Contents: My apartment has a section with tile after the AC was added. Aftet years these old titles looked terrible and dirty. They were the heavy sheetrock ones you would find pencils stuck in at school! These new tiles were super easy to cut, really light and i replaced all the old ones within 20 mins.


Contents: I installed the tiles as our bathroom ceiling.The quality is very good, and the installation is also very simple. I really like the final result