Product Description


Art3d square PVC ceiling tile, made of virgin-grade PVC vinyl, which is extremely durable, is the best alternative to traditional mineral

acoustic ceiling panels. It's ideal for residential and commercial applications in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, school classrooms,

hospitals, shopping malls, etc.  




Lightweight PVC, flexible, corrosion-resistant, exceptionally durable, safe, and fully recyclable.

Pretty easy to DIY, paintable, cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife for quick and easy installation.

Waterproof, washable, class A fire-rated, hygienic, lightweight, rust and rot resistant, etc. 




Customer Review

Looks great but very thin though flexible

Contents: These tiles look fabulous and were what i was expecting. they are thin plastic, very flexible making it easy to bend to get inside the 2x2 square grid. they won't hold anything (not light fixture can be mounted) and likely won't stop any noise but they do exactly what they are inteded to do. my basement ceiling looks finished, looks updated and manly and not so old school like the acoustical tile. i bought 1 box to test (packed well with sturdy protective corners-1st box all damage free) and just recieved the other 20 boxes which i expect to install during this month. If I can figure out how to update the review after the install of the rest i will do that.


Contents: Every item has noticeable cracks or dents. They really need to improve their packaging.