Product Description

Art3d ceiling tiles/panels are fabricated from the classic, stylish and elegant designs. It’s made of premium PVC, which is thin, lightweight, paintable, humidity and corrosion resistant, extremely easy to work with. It can be cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife, won’t create any dust. It won’t absorb moisture and stain, won’t crack when moving of it. It’s designed to install both for dropping in a standard 15/16’’ T bar grid system and Gluing up on any flat substrates. Since it’s pretty light, you can process the installation just by yourself.
These fancy ceiling tiles are just at a fraction of the traditional tin ceilings cost. If you are struggling for something splendid to decorative your ceiling or build an accent wall but in a limited budget, look no further.

ceiling tile

glue up

easy to cut

It's made in the size of 24"x24“ to meet the standard 15/16” T bar grid system for easy drop in installation.

It can also be glued up on any flat substrates if it involves too much to assemble the grid system.

It can be cut with a large pair of scissors or utility knife, no power tools needed, no dust or any hazardous stuffs occur.



Water and Moisture proof

Secondary Use


It's made of human freindly material, no hazardous remission

It's water and moisture proof

It can be secondary use when necessary if use as a suspended ceiling

It's pretty light, in case it falls off, it won’t hurt people.It's an safe material for ceiling decoration typically. 


Customer Review

Used as wall panels

Contents: I got a lot of compliments from people thinking these were wooden panels. End result was good, however one entire package had corners chipped. I was overlapping these corners so it didn't matter. Very difficult to cut as the panel can easily crack.

It’s not for me

Contents: Doesn’t work for the ceiling for residents well not this size. You might have to get smaller size but this didn’t work for me

Very nice

Contents: They look very elegant and easy to clean. My only issue is that it wasn’t the easiest to cut. Install was great.

Be prepared to return!

Contents: Mime as many other reviews stated came completely cracked and busted. Very disappointing as I spent over $300on these for 2 sets!

Worked for what we needed

Contents: Package arrived with corner crunched and all the panels inside were crunched in that corner too. Luckily this didn’t matter as we cut off the bottom portion anyways. Used these on the wall in a high potting shelf to give a room more character. Went together easily. Use sharp heavy duty scissors when cutting to avoid cracking.

not the full order

Contents: I was charged for 24 panels and only recieved 12 panels I had to return them. I ordered a nother box of 24 and they were white panels instead of black I returned them.