Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 48sq.ft. Fashionable glue on wall DIY diamond pattern wall panels manufacturer direct and good quality, can be used interior wall design.

  Product Parameter

Design code: A10902P12WT
Brand: Art3D
Size: 24"x24"
Embossed Thickness: Around 25 mm (0.984")
Principal Ingredients: PVC
Normally Finish: White
Weight: 6 Kgs per box (±0.5 kgs)
Standard Packaging: Carton box package
Pattern Type: 4 sides repeatable
Customization: Available for order over 200 square meter
Notes: Patterns, photos and drawings are for illustration purposes only. Final production may vary.

 Art3d ceiling tiles/panels are fabricated from the classic, stylish and elegant designs. It’s made of premium PVC, which is thin, lightweight, paintable, humidity and corrosion resistant, extremely easy to work with. It can be cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife, won’t create any dust. It won’t absorb moisture and stain, won’t crack when moving of it. It’s designed to install both for dropping in a standard 15/16’’ T bar grid system and Gluing up on any flat substrates. Since it’s pretty light, you can process the installation just by yourself.

These fancy ceiling tiles are just at a fraction of the traditional tin ceilings cost. If you are struggling for something splendid to decorative your ceiling or build an accent wall but in a limited budget, look no further. 



Universal installation and easy to work with 



Customer Review

So pretty and easy!

Contents: So easy to install! Just so you know - these are not flat, they are 3D and the ones you need to cut for corners and smaller areas will need some adjustments because it won’t lay flat in the drop ceiling.

Look great, but be careful when cutting!

Contents: VCompared to wallpapering the ceiling, these tiles were by FAR the easiest! The only reasons I gave them 4 stars as opposed to 5 is because they break fairly easly when cutting them, even when trying to be very careful. Otherwise, they're great and I've gotten lots of compliments on them!

Easy install

Contents: These went up do easy and they look amazing!

Easy fix for a bad ceiling!

Contents: My bathroom ceiling was in disrepair because it did not have a good vent. I VERY strongly recommend using Liquid Nails (interior and exterior) adhesive. I also used white paneling nails at the important corners. 8x10 bathroom took me 4 hours working alone because I had a lot of cutting to do. But, it was easy! I do not intend to paint it.

Looks great, difficult to work with

Contents: I painted my tiles a hammered copper (there was only white black and silver when I bought them). That made my installation process so much more expensive and difficult, but the results were good. I recommend avoiding the hammered-look type paints because it required several coats of paint (about a full spray can for 3 tiles). The hammered copper (rustoleum) had a lot of color and texture variations between cans. As others noted, there was some color variations in the white (unpainted) tiles between the boxes. Personally, I would not recommend painting the tiles unless you reaaallllyy want a specific color or tone. These tiles have about a half inch depth to them. Regular scissors can cut it, but the tiles can crack as you cut. I didn't have the recommended J-scissors, so I used a Dremel rotary tool, which created a lot of plastic dust. I ended up rinsing each cut tile to remove the dust. Due to the 3d depth of the tile, if the cut edge is not sitting flush against a wall, the surface under the tile will be visible. I recommend painting the surface under the tile at the cut edges so it's noticeable. I glued the tiles using loctite power grab heavy duty. Unfortunately, my ceiling wasn't totally flat, which was complicated by the fact that these tiles are pretty rigid. I had to nail one side of the tile down in the areas where it wasn't flat. I glued the full edges of each tile, the center ridge, and dabs on the inside diamonds. I was able to do about 7-8 tiles per tube of loctite. It took a lot more effort than I anticipated, but I'm happy with the product and the results.

Love it!

Contents: I did not want my sewing room to feel like an office, so I spray painted the grid and replaced the ceiling tiles. These are very easy to work with and I cut out the holes for the lights with scissors. You could slide these under your existing tiles to add some weight to them. Because of the raised design, you can’t use them for half panels because there’s no lip but if they’re glued you shouldn’t have an issue. I’m going to cut sone and glue them to the blanks I have.

Awesome tiles

Contents: I glued on a ceiling and it looks beautiful, but I am 3 short, wrote to company, no response. Guess I will wait for them to hopefully go on sale agai, order these!

Look great!

Contents: Cutting it was a breeze, and I had no issues installing it with the recommended Loctite adhesive.


Contents: Looks great. easy to install. looks good with greater depth ( not shallow relief as some other faux tin) . Very impressed! sorry I can't write about how to paint nor which kind of adhesive to use bc I think my previous review was rejected for that reason.

Seemed like a good product

Contents: I liked it, but returned it since it would work for my needs. It looks plastic which it is. For where I wanted to use it, it would have been too noticeable. On a high ceiling I'm sure it'd look good.