Peel and Stick Headboard 4 Panels Leather Wall Panels Sized 9.84" x 23.62"


This new concept of installation for our wall panels revolutionize the traditional idea that wall panels can never have a secondary use. Not only can it be used multiple times, but it will not damage the walls. The process of installation is easy, fun, fast, and enjoyable. It's constructed with PU leather, quality high-rebound sponge and PVC backboard which is durable and easy to maintain, the elegant textures of the leather and high-rebound sponge give you an exceptional soft and gentle feeling while touching or leaning on it. Because of its modern design and superior performance, It has multiple applications, from the headboard in the bedroom to accent wall in living room to sound insulation panel in theater etc., there is no limits with our removable Upholstered Wall Panel.



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