Please use the option group and calculate the amount you need to pay. the number in the option represent the amount of Money that option will take.


This link is a special order link, you must contact customer service staff before using this link.

How to use the link: Each option represents a fixed payment amount. When placing an order,

you only need to make up the required payment amount by using the amount and quantity.

Also put down the Item SKU Number and Quantity in the order notes section when you check out.

Example: the total needs to pay is $25, simply add 25 sets of option "1 Dollar", or another way you can come up with a total of $25. 


Customer Review

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Contents: Wonderful product!! So attractive and durable! Please keep this one in stock at Wayfair!!!!!

Just excellent!

Contents: Excellent product and service! Personalized service for custom order. Produces and shipped quickly and great communication throughout the process!