Product Description

The wood flooring in the home is beneficial to the young and old. First of all, its impact on our body is softer than any other building material. The modern ceramic tile is slippery, whereas the wooden floor has much higher friction that can protect the child and elderly from falling. Contrary to the cold of ceramic tile, the natural wood tone and grain bring warmth and intimacy to your space. The traditional wooden floor is too high to afford, and too tricky to apply. 




It’s wear-resistant PVC on top of the hard stone composite material.

It has real wood textures, is lightweight, easy to apply, and has no expansion and deformation over time, and yet just at the cost of a fraction of authentic wooden 


 Choose us, choose to rest assured and at ease!




Customer Review


Contents: Such nice flooring. I would use adhesive spray just in case.


Contents: Waited all day to finish my floors and one of the boxes arrived so severely damaged that I have to send it back, costing me more time to get my floors finished! Very disappointed

Very easy to install

Contents: Very easy! Just make sure you square the room before you get started


Contents: I put these on my floor and they started peeling! We had to put glue on some of them and they still peeled! Very dissatisfied

Just go to the store and buy flooring

Contents: I ordered 3 boxes, only received 2. The 2 boxes I received were in original packaging and the box was shredded and barley holding the flooring. The flooring was hanging out the end and every piece was damaged. It was a huge pain having to return and I'm still waiting on my refund for the one I never received. I won't be buying again

Poor quality for the price

Contents: This is word flooring I’ve ever used. Twice the price for a box than Lowe’s. It rips, does not cut smoothly. Do not purchase this

Good product

Contents: I put this floor my self in my new storage, honestly loved

Dark grey linoleum

Contents: Great quality

It does not last.

Contents: It's fine if you're in a pinch, but if you're expecting it to last more than a few months, don't waste your money.

You will regret buying this you have my word!

Contents: This is the worst product for flooring you can buy. Every corner will break off if they have not already just from shipping.The product does not Stick and comes up right away. This is one of those products if you notice gets returned all the time which i did not realize until it was to late. You been warned.