Handcrafted wall art of fresh water  pearl kitchen bathroom wall tile from mother nature, each piece's imperfections make it unique.

Installation Guide

For detailed installation guide and video guide, please visit How To Install The Seam Joining Mosaic Wall Tiles

For preserve pearl masaic tiles look ,Please visit Care and Maintenance Specification for Mother Pearl Mosaic

Product Parameter

Design Code: A18017
Brand: Art3D
Size of Tile: 300*300 mm (11.81" X 11.81")
Thickness: Around 2 mm (0.08")
Size of Each Clip: 15*30 mm (0.59" X 1.18")
Principal Ingredients: Natural fresh rive shell
Nominal Finish: Natural fresh shell with mesh back
Gross Weight: 2.5 Kgs per box (± 0.5 kgs)
Standard Packaging: Carton box package, 10 tiles in one package
Customization: Available for order over 100 square meter
Notes: Patterns, photos and drawings are for illustration purposes only. Final production may vary.

Product Features

Beyond the eco-responsibility of reusing materials, it's indisputable that shell mosaic tile brings beauty and character that nothing else can. Handcrafted wall art of river shell from mother of pearl, each piece's imperfections make it unique. 100% Original from fresh water river shell,  mother of pearl kitchen bathroom wall tile is such a shiny and environmental products that take you far away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution. Combine shell mosaic tiles with creative lighting system, the result are sparkle.


Mainly used as wall tile in private project & commercial projects,such as bathroom wall tile, kitchen back splash tile, living room, dinning room wall, TV setting wall, furniture surface, column surround, hotel, villa ,night club, jewelry store, coffee shop, etc.

Important Notes:

Mother of pearl tile is a natural and handcrafted products, we can't garantee that each tile comes with the same pattern and perfect, it is resonable that one or two chips fall off through transportation, they are easy to reset.

Mother of Pearl Kitchen Bathroom Wall Tiles Product Details

peel and stick tile mother of pearl


Mother of Pearl Kitchen Bathroom Wall Tiles Application

Mother of pearl kitchen bathroom wall tile is an ideal wall covering product that can be used in indoor and outdoor decoration, it is extremely suit for kitchen wall, reception desk front & bathroom wall covering, other than that, shell mosaic tile offers great solution to walls, ceiling or any surface that needs covering. Such as living room, bedroom, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration; company logo wall, lobby backdrop, reception desk front in office, restaurant, cafes or night clubs decoration. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for wall,  mother of pearl kitchen bathroom wall tile can also be crafted into furniture designs, such as cabinet doors, table and chair surface, bed headboard, bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. Please do not use chemicals on this item as it is natural and delicate product

Customer Review

Nice if you don’t need all white

Contents: Sorry I took my photos in low natural lighting, but hopefully you can still see the reason I sent these back… Was expecting they’d mostly be white with cream and gray mixed in, but some of the tiles were rather orange— which didn’t match. I asked the company about exchanging them and was told there are natural variations in color, so a new box would likely just have more orange tiles. So I purchased this virtually identical product from a different company and thankfully there weren’t any random orange tiles.

Beautiful and shimmery!!

Contents: These are my dream tiles!!! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the here. Price can add up for a large area, but they are are so worth it!! Shipping was fast and the boxes came in perfect condition. Not one tile was broken. They can be a bit difficult to install but once you fined the groove you can’t tell the seams. They have a shimmer and sparkle to them as the sun come through my window. I am absolutely in love!!!

Easy installation!

Contents: I used a dremmel cutting wheel to make my cuts, it was fast and easy! I installed it in a bathroom sink backsplash wall, I love the color and texture!

Easy to cut and install, looks beautiful, arrived on time and packaged nicely to protect the tiles

Contents: I bought these tiles because I needed a DIY installation that could look like a professional installation for my kitchen. I don’t have the tools or skill to cut thicker subway tiles, so I looked for thinner tiles that didn’t require carpentry skills. These fit the bill. They are thin enough to cut with hand cutting tools like nips, but thick enough to stand out as dimensional tiles. The tile mat is about one sq. ft. making the install fast and easy. A regular tile adhesive from HD or Lowe’s worked perfectly. Make sure to spread the adhesive very thinly. Not much needed at all. After grout dries, I used orange goo remover to wipe to a beautiful luster. I received many compliments on how the kitchen looks and the backspace all the difference.

Stunning for kitchen backsplash

Contents: Used this as a backsplash for my kitchen and it looks stunning! I get compliments all the time! I like products that appear to be expensive but are actually reasonably priced. The mother of pearl tiles polished off my kitchen remodel and gave it the elegant look I wanted.

A must buy

Contents: Don’t think about it just buy it! And super nice that you don’t need grout!

Easy and cheap way to beautify projects, love these tiles!

Contents: Love these so much, so easy to use and brighten up whatever space or project you use them on. I did my bathroom backsplash, topped some cement block benches with them and next will backsplash a new coffee station and line a window shelf with them. My bathroom project I messed up and didn’t wipe the grout off soon enough thinking they would set better so I still have to figure out how to get some of the grout off of my tiles. But that was user error. I love mother of Pearl and will probably keep buying these for more projects because they just beautify everything !