While Peel and stick backsplash tile has become a smash hit, people struggle to finish the tiles’ edges. Our pursuit of perfection should never be stifled,
Art3d has always been dedicated to catering to the customers’ voice. After studying a series of the most popular backsplash tiles as well as people’s
aesthetic perspectives, we have developed this tile edge trim which goes perfectly for trimming backsplash tiles’ edges and corners. It aids as an
excellent accessory for creating an eye-pleasant backsplash. Like most backsplash tiles, it comes with a peel and sticks for installation. But what
distinguish it from the common self-adhesive stuff, is we adopted the super adhesion acrylic tape which is workable for all kinds of un-stickable surfaces,
like a glossy painted wall, and yet it will not leave a residue when it gets removed. It resists the water, heat, and weather, which best suited for the kitchen
and bathroom application
How to install
The ideal condition to apply the trim is at a temperature of 68-85F, and humidity of 30-60%RH. Do not proceed with the installation when the temperature is
lower than 59F for making the most of the adhesion


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