Product Description


Waterproof, fire resistant, and lightweight
Relative economic wall materials; Easy to DIY
Elegant 3d visual impact, combine 3d wall panels with a creative lighting system 

Customer Review

Bathroom upgrade

Contents: I absolutely love the product! I was able to paint and cut the squares with no problem. My bathroom looks so amazing that I’m installing the panels in my husbands man cave bathroom next! Stay tuned!

Easy install

Contents: Easy install with 2 sided industrial tape. Heavy duty material but Can easily cut through panels with scissors for accurate fit. Gives off a clean modern appearance.

Beautiful wall pannels

Contents: Easy to use and apply onto wall with 3m removable tape/command strips.

Well? Not bad but returned mine

Contents: I didn't think it'd look good covering my brick fireplace afterall. So looks like picture can't tell it's plastic if you don't touch it. Just decided it wasn't a good idea so returned it. Be better for a wall

Cracked and chipped panel

Contents: Overall, I like the panels but 2 came cracked and chipped at the edge of two of them. Kept them cause too much of a headache to return and reorder. Packing differently needs to improve greatly!!!!! Other than that looks nice on my wall!


Contents: These worked out perfect for my space. They are versatile and pretty hard so they are durable for the most part. Still plastic though so still be careful. Nice product!

Hollow inside grooves

Contents: Was looking to add this to our kitchen, but the grooves are hollow, and seem that if something might fall into it, they will push in and be creased. For our project, this just won't work, and was worried with kids, these could get damaged rather quickly. Loved the color of them though!

Came out good overall but many pieces were broken

Contents: A lot of the panels were partially shattered when they arrived, and the panels are extremely difficult to cut to size. Overall though, it came out good.


Contents: I ordered these black panels for our cardiac office renovation, added it to the wall behind our coffee station and what a nice look it added! The rest off the walls are all white so added a great accent wall!

Budget friendly feature wall

Contents: Decent enough product, looks great and easy to install. I only have 2 issues with this product. Hense the 3 star rating.