Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 3 m² or 32.29 sq.ft. Fashionable glue on 3d laminated pvc board manufacturer direct, cheap price and good quality, can be used in exterior wall covering and interior wall design.

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3D Laminated PVC Board Project Home Walls of Bedroom Living Room with 3D Laminated PVC Board

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3D Laminated PVC Board Application

3D laminated PVC board are ideal wall covering products that can be used in interior ONLY. they are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, ceiling or any surface that needs covering. Such as living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration; company logo wall,lobby backdrop, reception desk front in office, restaurant, cafes or night clubs decoration. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for wall, 3D laminated PVC board can also be crafted into furniture designs, such as cabinet doors, bed headboard, bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. Important notice: even thought PVC material can be used in exterior environment, we strongly recommend using exterior 3d wall tiles (ACM resin material) for outdoor, for ACM resin is much more durable than PVC.

Customer Review

Takes time but its worth it

Contents: Very nice, make sure you have your straight line first


Contents: It’s beautiful and made a wow when my friends walked in. Yeah!!

This is the next best thing since sliced bread for all DIY home decorators out there!

Contents: I really wanted an accent wall to frame our family room tv. Went to Home Depot, Lowes and Floor and Decor numerous times to look at slate stone wallcoverings, and finishings but material alone added to more than $500 for 50sqft, NOT to mention the labor and tricky-messy installation. Decided to go with this panel because Amazon makes it easy to return. Thought to myself let me give it a whirl if the material turns out to be poor or cheapish looking, I'll just return it. Well, I was in for a surprise! 2 days later it arrived and totally blew my mind! Looks expensive, looks like heavy plaster but each tile weighs less than a pound; making it super easy to fix up on the wall - we used COMAND strips!! worked perfectly. Impeccable finishing! Moreover, if you get sick of it eventually you can take the whole thing down within 10 minutes max, no mess or hurting the drywall!

Looks great. Seams are hard to match up

Contents: In my video you'll see all the particulars of this product. I ordered 12 tiles, so in the video you see how much space 12 tiles will cover. The tiles are white - not yellow or cream, but a true white. It is not a blue white nor a yellow white, but down the middle white. They are matte. (I was worried. Thank goodness they are matte). These can be painted or left as is. I did notice after installing that I got a small stain/dirt scuff on one of the tiles and it hasn't washed off. So these can be stained, FYI. For the price, it's pretty hard to beat a cheap DIY makeover. My biggest gripe are the seams, which reveal you are using plastic tiles. Up close it looks like what it is. (If you're handy with using grout as a filler, etc, then you can probably figure out how to cover that up.) Everything is super easy - EXCEPT if you have to install around and electrical outlet. It's just going to look crusty, sorry to say. If you can put a piece of furniture or a plant in front of that spot, no one will know any different.

I like them

Contents: These are pretty cool

Home Design at an Amazing Price and DIY!

Contents: What can I say... love a good accent wall. Products arrived quickly and was relatively easy to install. I ended up using tin snips and then sanded the cuts, but next time I will invest in a ultra fine saw for precision cuts. Happy to share before and after.

Great for a feature wall

Contents: We painted them and used as an accent wall behind the bed . It looks awesome.. spray paint works really well to add color.. we used gorilla adhesive and they haven't moved.. would definitely use again for another wall

Great look

Contents: The ease and the durability of the product is great! Flexible enough if hit doesn't Crack. I used it as a surround for my Island. Looks great and is holding up well with 3m tape and some nailed trim.



Great product

Contents: Really love this. Easy to install and cut. Would use it on other projects