How Does

How Does "One Belt And One Road" Effect Art3D?

"One Belt And One Road" Policy (OBAOR) that raised by Chinese government and focus on business connection between Asian and Europe, it raised in 2014 and start with the Asian infrastructure investment bank, so far there are 57 countries are the initial share holders of the bank. OBAOR is a policy that has significant influence in the world, and it really affect every single player of the market, for Art3D, there are several foreseeable effects: firstly, the huge investment in infrastructure will boom the demand of building material, it is a great opportunity for Art3D 3d wall panels and other building material manufacturers and suppliers; secondly, the transportation such as railway and high way between China and European countries and the other countries in between will decrease the cost of delivery, thus will benefit all the consumers from these countries; thirdly, OBAOR will increase the influence of Chinese products and Chinese brands, Chinese commodities will consistently and increasingly over every corner of the world, it is also a great opportunity for Art3D.

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