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A50001YW-Art3d 24
I got great results! Mar 05, 2024

I thought for sure I was going to ruin my bar wall trying to make this look good. Nope! It came out really nice and looks great. I created a strip on the top and put some backlit LEDs. I tried to make it look like one solid piece by blending the seams. You can see in my pic I almost achieved that. If I spent more time on it I would have. A good portion of the seam disappeared. I used a rotary deburring bit to carve the foam to blend the seams, and an orbital sander with 60 grit paper. I spent about an hour and the results were very good.

By Zombie From United States
A50001YW-Art3d 24
Not easy to install Mar 03, 2024

has a nice look but it is very hard to install

By Sri L. From United States
A50001YW-Art3d 24
Got damaged but they returned my money back Mar 01, 2024

Got damaged but they returned my money back.

By Panga From United States
A50001YW-Art3d 24
3D Stone Textured Wall Panels Jan 22, 2024

These are really cool panels! They're huge, but lightweight, cause they're made of foam. And they look like real stone, in my opinion. I highly recommend them.

By Gracie L From United States
A10051-PVC 3D Diamond Wall Panel Jagged Matching-Matt White, for Residential and Commercial Interior Décor
These are amazing and well worth it! Jun 28, 2022

First of all let me tell y'all these are amazing I had a friend help me out and do all the cool measurements and everything I put it before and after a how bad my wall was these tiles look amazing very easy to cut and shape to the size you need I think they're well worth it for the price I recommend you I also recommend you buy a lot of command strips I'm talking about at least a pair of 40 of them or you can use some type of like glue might mess up your walls though!

By Anata From United States
A10051-PVC 3D Diamond Wall Panel Jagged Matching-Matt White, for Residential and Commercial Interior Décor
Looks great, excellent quality. Cutting is not fun. May 04, 2022

These panels are very good quality in terms of being made from decent material and having a good finish. I wanted to keep them white for the purpose of my Govee interactive TV lights and they look perfect unfinished. Mounting was very simple. I actually used 3M Command picture mounting tabs so that the panels could be pulled from my painted walls without damage. 5 stickers per panel was fine (4 corners and one in a center point to anchor the plate). My only complaint is that the directions suggest you can easily trim these with a wallpaper blade. This is absolutely untrue. These are decently strong panels and require a good amount of oomph to cut through. This wouldn't be a major issue if they were flat, but the 3D surface makes this a fairly momentous task. I ended up using a table saw to make the cuts, but be warned. Because this plastic is relatively rigid, vibration and the oblong angles make the plastic apt to chip. The best I could do is use some tape over the cut itself to keep the edges from bending and chipping. I still got some pretty significant chips but was able to hide them with some tape and DryDex (spackle). You may find a better result with a laser level to draw the line on the surface then hitting it with an angle grinder. My best advice is to not need to cut them in the first place if you can help it. Still, the end result is an A+ for me, so I can't knock it too much, other than the poor advice about the wallpaper blade.

By P. Raymond From United States