Package list:
1 X Art3d Functional Neck & Nap Pillow
1 X Art3d Premium Lumbar Support Pillow
1 X Art3d Premium Seat Cushion

Ultimate Coccyx & Lumbar Support!
The Pillow Palace seat cushion and pillow combo provide maximum support to the coccyx and lumbar. Combine together create the perfect alignment of the spine and perfect posture that relieves lower back pain while providing excellent support. Decreasing pressure to the coccyx relieves sciatica pain, herniated discs and tailbone injuries.

High Grade Memory Foam!
The Pillow Palace seat and pillow cushion combo are made from 100% premium high quality foam. High grade foam provides the best possible support and weight distribution for all day comfort. This combo set is sure to last for years.

Easy Portability!
The seat and pillow cushion combo are designed to be taken everywhere. Perfect for long hours at the office, them simply take them with you for the drive home, with easy to carry handle makes this combo seat the ultimate solution for lower back pain.

The Art3d funtional neck & nap pillow is a premium memory foam travel pillow with a revolutionary shape. With travel in mind, the funtional neck & nap pillow is specifically designed to keep your neck and head supported, and to maximize breathability.
Travel is no longer restless and frustrating, rather restful and rejuvenating! A good travel pillow is about more than supporting the neck and head.

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