Product Description


Transform your space with Art3d Interlocking Luxury Vinyl floor tiles, combining the timeless beauty of natural wood with the practical benefits of vinyl flooring. Whether you're upgrading your home, revamping your office space, or enhancing a commercial setting, our vinyl tiles are the perfect choice

Key Features:






  • Revolutionary Interlocking Design:Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional flooring installations. Our interlocking design ensures a quick and straightforward setup process, saving you time and money on professional installation. The secure interlocking system provides a seamless, gap-free finish, and can be laid over most existing flooring surfaces without leaving any glue and damaging the floor





  • Long-Lasting Quality: These tiles are engineered to last, with a water-resistant surface that withstands spills and moisture - an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. The wear layer protects against scratches and fading, ensuring your floor looks new for years to come


  • Eco-Friendly and Reusable: We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles are eco-friendly and can be reused if you decide to relocate or redesign your space.


  • Comfort and Insulation: Experience the comfort of softer, warmer flooring under your feet, along with improved sound insulation, making your home quieter and more peaceful



Elevate your living or working space to new heights of luxury with our Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles. Combining elegance, functionality, and eco-conscious design, these tiles are the ultimate choice for those who demand the best





Customer Review


Contents: I love the flooring!!!!

Very attractive

Contents: It took me a minute to get the hang of clicking them together, but it wasn't too difficult.They are comfortable to walk on, but they do not have adhesive. I'm very pleased with how the floor came out.

Renter friendly

Contents: Gave my apartment a makeover and these tiles were a perfect touch

Great product

Contents: Great product with speedy delivery.


Contents: Loved the flooring itself but 1 box in delivery was damaged and was replaced.

Love the color

Contents: Love the color, exactly what I hoped for, the quality of the plank is excellent.

Great color

Contents: Love the coloring of the floor. Can't wait to put it down.

Fast delivery

Contents: Product is easy to install and received on time!You won’t be disappointed with the quality on this flooring!


Contents: Product looks fine but 1 box on the bottom came damaged.


Contents: We got a sample of the flooring ahead of time then ordered enough to do our kitchen dining room over. LOVE this flooring!