Product Description

The wood flooring in the home is beneficial to the young and old. First of all, its impact on our body is softer than any other building material. The modern ceramic tile is slippery, whereas the wooden floor has much higher friction that can protect the child and elderly from falling. Contrary to the cold of ceramic tile, the natural wood tone and grain bring warmth and intimacy to your space. The traditional wooden floor is too high to afford, and too tricky to apply. 




It’s wear-resistant PVC on top of the hard stone composite material.

It has real wood textures, is lightweight, easy to apply, and has no expansion and deformation over time, and yet just at the cost of a fraction of authentic wooden 


 Choose us, choose to rest assured and at ease!




Customer Review

Chipped planks

Contents: The floor looked beautiful when we initially laid it down; however, several boxes contained chipped planks, with more than half of the planks in each affected box. I purchased a total of 12 boxes, and I was disappointed in the overall quality of the product upon arrival.

They send me a different color!!

Contents: I use med it for my house.

Easy to install

Contents: The installation process was remarkably smooth, and the end result is aesthetically pleasing as well!

Corners snapped off

Contents: Important note before purchasing: approximately one-third of the planks arrived with a broken corner, already snapped before removing the sticker sleeve. I managed to reattach the broken corners, and they blended in relatively well, though it's not ideal. Despite this, the amount of damaged pieces is disappointing, especially considering the price. On the positive side, the flooring looks fantastic and is very easy to install. It's also simple to cut to size or shape, even around curves, using just scissors.