Vinyl marble peel and stick wall tile for kitchen, bathroom backsplashes . Easy installation and DIY.

Product Description


12"x12" Peel and Stick Tiles (Thicker & Stronger Adhesive)


  • Thicker: 1/16 in.

  • Super strong adhesive

  • Sturdier, not flimsy at all

  • Easier to line up

  • Kind reminder: Art3d peel and stick backsplash tiles are recommended to be installed away from the source of the fire by 14 inches.




  • 3D embossed texture
  • Easy DIY, peel and stick on wall
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to cut and trim
  • Light weight and heat resistant
  • Resist to the humidity of bathroom and kitchen


Installation Notes


  • The Art3d upgraded version tile is 3X stronger backing glue than ordinary vinyl backsplash tile, not only sticks firmly to the smooth & clean surface but is also available on the lightly textured wall;


  • Not recommended for very rough surfaces and heavily textured walls, such as popcorn wall, Slap Brush wall, Rock Textures wall, crows foot wall, swirl wall


  • Clean the surface if necessary: wash the surface with a powerful GREASE-REMOVER such as TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). Make sure you allow enough time for the surface to dry properly.




Customer Review

pretty good

Contents: Love this product! I have lightly textured walls and had no problem with adhesion. I've read other reviews about the tiles not sticking well, but I don't think those were pressed on well enough. For strong adhesion, use the back of a small mason jar to really press them down. I also used the end of a wooden ruler to push in corners that I didn't align perfectly. They're easy to install, but if your countertops are not perfectly straight, you'll have to cut special pieces. Make sure to take off your outlet covers, and use the backs of some of the tiles to make templates. Beware though, these tiles are a cool white, so if your cabinets and walls are a warm white, it looks a wee bit funny. You can see in my photos what I mean. Not sure if that bothers me enough yet to try a different color. Overall, a great product. Oh, but they do have a weird and slightly gummy texture. I'm worried it might catch dust in the air. We shall see! I'll update of there are any issues.

Very easy to use and looks great

Contents: I used the 3D tiles in my RV and they were so easy to use, and the finished product looked so great. I'm very happy with these tiles and would definitely use them again!

Great product

Contents: As described but better in physical presence than thier picture.0