Product Description

 Art3d New Smooth Ceiling Tiles for the best you!!

The advantages of the material are waterproof, washable, class A fire-rated, hygienic, flexible, lightweight, rust-resistant, and rot-resistant.

It's the ideal option for both residential and commercial applications in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, school classrooms, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

It's constructed into the standard size 2ft x ft and 2ft x 4ft, easily fitting the standard 15/16" T grid system. 


Art3d smooth PVC ceiling tile, made of virgin-grade PVC vinyl, which is extremely durable, is the best alternative to traditional mineral acoustic ceiling panels!




Customer Review


Contents: Put in basement and it dramatically changed my space. It is vwey easy to use.. Make sure you have a sharp boxnife when cutting any needed holes or triming pieces.