Product Description


Art3d square PVC ceiling tile, made of virgin-grade PVC vinyl, which is extremely durable, is the best alternative to traditional mineral

acoustic ceiling panels. It's ideal for residential and commercial applications in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, school classrooms,

hospitals, shopping malls, etc.  




Lightweight PVC, flexible, corrosion-resistant, exceptionally durable, safe, and fully recyclable.

Pretty easy to DIY, paintable, cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife for quick and easy installation.

Waterproof, washable, class A fire-rated, hygienic, lightweight, rust and rot resistant, etc. 



Customer Review


Contents: I just wanted a simple accent wall. These panels are so easy to put up. I could not be happier with this purchase! I will make more purchases for future designs.

Okay but flimsy

Contents: These are okay but a little flimsy, especially at the corners. I think they would work well for a bathroom or similar small room but would not recommend them in a larger room.


Contents: I’m very pleased with these ceiling tiles. They’re exactly what I had hoped for in my home gym. The install was seamless, and fast. Being that we used these in our basement we had limited options. Using a drop ceiling would have been one option, but we preferred to keep the higher ceiling if possible. These worked out perfectly for that & look fantastic as a bonus. They are very thin as some reviews will mention, but honestly helpful for the application. They cut easy & don’t weigh down the grid system. Highly recommend them!

very happy with purchase

Contents: Installation was straightforward, and it provides a luxurious, high-end appearance.

Nice replacement tile

Contents: Good tiles, but very thin.

Art3d 12-Pack Square Drop Ceiling Tile is not what it appears to be

Contents: The description and videos of this product are quite deceptive. The tyles are extremely thin and flimsy and should not be used except to cover a ceiling already in's for looks only

Look great but are very thin

Contents: When first opening these, first impressions were that they wouldn’t stay up on their own because they were so thin. Once up, they look great. I had to change out the light that was hanging from the previous ceiling tile. These are way too thin to support a light. Hopefully they hold up. I did notice lots of static to them and dust is attracted to them so it took a bit to clean them off.


Contents: Fine, but I think you’d need a specific type of ceiling for these to work. Like a room with no vents in the ceiling and arrow straight walls. I had to return because it it wouldn’t work for me, but I have nothing bad to say about the quality. Definitely a job for two people though.

Skip these, terrible quality

Contents: I should of known but these are too thin and corners are all bent. Some of them sagged which was not noticable until you lined up with a row/columns. Boxes arrived mostly opened. Unfortunately these are too good to be true.

Great ceiling solution.

Contents: Looks great on our enclosed porch. Easy install. Just a little time consuming, but worth it!