Product Description

Art3d ceiling tiles/panels are fabricated from the classic, stylish and elegant designs. It’s made of premium PVC, which is thin, lightweight, paintable, humidity and corrosion resistant, extremely easy to work with. It can be cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife, won’t create any dust. It won’t absorb moisture and stain, won’t crack when moving of it. It’s designed to install both for dropping in a standard 15/16’’ T bar grid system and Gluing up on any flat substrates. Since it’s pretty light, you can process the installation just by yourself.
These fancy ceiling tiles are just at a fraction of the traditional tin ceilings cost. If you are struggling for something splendid to decorative your ceiling or build an accent wall but in a limited budget, look no further.

Customer Review

Thin, fragile, hard to work with

Contents: I really liked the look of this drop ceiling, but as soon as I cut the first piece (using the instructions right on the side of the box) the material instantly cracked the wrong direction.

Measure your grids.

Contents: If your existing grids are not absolutely square these tiles will not set in properly. My drop ceiling grids are stationery, they do not move at all. So there is no wiggle room for adjusting. These tiles are nice, quality is decent, but I will have to return them and get a simple flat design.

Half of the boxes came broken

Contents: I ordered $1,200 worth of these tiles and half of the boxes arrived with broken tiles I cannot use. The Amazon app would only let me put in a claim for one replacement box when 6 boxes were broken. The ones I was able to use were beautiful and easy to put up. However replacements for the other 5 boxes would’ve been nice since they are $200 a box.

Looks great, tricky install

Contents: We replaced our entire basement ceiling and ordered 7 packages containing 12 tiles. We used the existing grids. The product looks far more expensive than it cost and only 2 pieces were cracked in the entire shipment of 84. Installation was ok and went fairly fast (lots of trimming, but the product is lightweight so scissors can be used), The finishing work takes much longer. We needed to reinforce the tiles that were behind the larger lights and heating ducts for support because the product is so lightweight and flimsy. And there were many unsightly gaps created where the tiles meet the walls stairway, windows, detectors, etc. Again the lightness of the product means they don't always lie flat. Overall we don't regret the choice because the cost was low and final look is beautiful. Plus they are water and mold resistant.

Just do it

Contents: It was worth it. Out of 3 packages none of them arrived broken. The only hard part was the edges of the room that had to be cut. We watched a few YouTube videos on how to hide the gaps from being cut. We spray painted the track matte white beforehand to clean up the old yellowing track. I will do this in other rooms. Buy a few extra. They are easy to Crack the corners when putting them up.

Count them!!

Contents: I love the ease of replacing these they just drop in. Wish they made some for those smaller smaller areas. But definitely count these because my order was short and these cost!!! For 12 of them!!! So make sure you count them. Other than that they're very light in weight grand ma can change these


Contents: This is my second time purchasing these tiles because I love them so much! They're not only beautiful but also durable, making them the perfect choice for my home decor.

to install I didn’t put up a new track so the tiles 24x24 were not a perfect fit

Contents: Overall great product so far thanks

Pretty looking

Contents: I was disappointed when I received this product damaged but after contacting the seller they made sure they fix that quickly, they sent me replacement for free. I was happy that they care about customer satisfaction not just sales. I’m happy with this purchase. I gave 4 stars out of 5 because this product is thin and doesn’t block noise as the other thick cheap ceiling tiles, however that doesn’t stop me from using it, I glued it to the old ceiling tiles on some area to maintain that sound dampening effect

Great but...

Contents: The decorative effect of these tiles is great, but I feel the quality could be improved slightly.