Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 3 m² or 32 sq.ft. Fashionable glue on wall DIY diamond pattern wall panels manufacturer direct, cheap price and good quality, can be used in exterior wall covering and interior wall design.

Product Description


Art3d ceiling tiles/panels are fabricated from the classic, stylish and elegant designs. It’s made of premium PVC, which is thin, lightweight, paintable, humidity and corrosion resistant, extremely easy to work with. It can be cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife, won’t create any dust. It won’t absorb moisture and stain, won’t crack when moving of it. It’s designed to install both for dropping in a standard 15/16’’ T bar grid system and Gluing up on any flat substrates. Since it’s pretty light, you can process the installation just by yourself.

These fancy ceiling tiles are just at a fraction of the traditional tin ceilings cost. If you are struggling for something splendid to decorative your ceiling or build an accent wall but in a limited budget, look no further.



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Customer Review


Contents: le résultat est superbe ! hyper facile à installer! 100% satisfait

Big and beautiful

Contents: Have not installed them yet (need glue and not sure where I want to use them yet) but they are massive in a good way. Sturdy and well made a d really beautiful.

The look of them was important to me

Contents: I like the design makes tge house look richer but haven’t installed them yet

Made a 123 year home look its age.

Contents: The room is not square and has humps and bumps. With the tile the cover this up. I had to use a sprayer to paint ahead of time. I used Gorilla construction adhesive to attach. It was quick and turned out beautifully.

Easy to install

Contents: Very light and it was easy to install even when I had to cut it to fit on the ceiling. Love this tile I had to buy another box.

Cut tiles around edge of room may sag slightly in middle.

Contents: They can be cut with scissors. They are very light. They can be painted. Like any tiling job plan your layout before you start. Aim for a plan that uses the most complete tiles. They need high grip adhesive. Not simple silicone. The square detail when cut right across can sag slightly in middle. They can be painted. Allow at least two coats. Paint before you fix. Done right they look good in the right space. Tiles lap onto each other at flat edges.

Worked almost perfectly

Contents: Living in a rental with old style ceiling tiles that are hard to paint, I decided to give these a try. They're perfect. I could have painted them but got lazy and the white is not too bad. The only area that was difficult was the edges where I had to cut the tiles as the whole square wouldn't fit. Overall though, I'm happy with this purchase.

So cute and pretty easy to put up!

Contents: We only needed 2 boxes for our daughter's bedroom, they were easy to install.. we used liquid nails Fuze it and just for added precaution white finish nails in corners. I decided to caulk the seams to make them look seamless, the liquid nails around edges dried dark gray and was pretty noticeable.. then I bought a sample of highly reflective white from sherwin williams to paint over caulk, it was nice because I didn't have to paint entire ceiling tiles by doing this and they turned out so cute! There may have been an easier way but I love I the finished product!

Easy installation, beautiful results.

Contents: This is the second ceiling we've done with vinyl ceiling panels. This one is on a much larger ceiling so we went with a larger design (2'x2') and it looks great. The key is careful planning on how they lay out on the ceiling related to fixtures and dimensions of the space. You don't want to find out that your ceiling fan is 3" off center once you finish the installation. Don't skimp on the glue, get Loctite Power Grab Express.


Contents: Easily installed but difficult to cut. Several tiles cracked while trimming to size. Recommend using a pair of tin snips/shears for cutting but once installed they look great.