Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 3 m² or 32 sq.ft. Fashionable glue on wall DIY diamond pattern wall panels manufacturer direct, cheap price and good quality, can be used in exterior wall covering and interior wall design.

Product Description

ceiling tile

Art3d ceiling tiles/panels are fabricated from the classic, stylish and elegant designs. It’s made of premium PVC, which is thin, lightweight, paintable, humidity and corrosion resistant, extremely easy to work with. It can be cut with a snip, scissors, or utility knife, won’t create any dust. It won’t absorb moisture and stain, won’t crack when moving of it. It’s designed to install both for dropping in a standard 15/16’’ T bar grid system and Gluing up on any flat substrates. Since it’s pretty light, you can process the installation just by yourself.

These fancy ceiling tiles are just at a fraction of the traditional tin ceilings cost. If you are struggling for something splendid to decorative your ceiling or build an accent wall but in a limited budget, look no further.

ceiling tile  


 Universal installation and easy to work with 


Customer Review

Coloration off on second order

Contents: The first batch of black ceiling tiles we purchased were nice and shiny and looked awesome. Purchased four more boxes and the sheen is different. We have a 1400 square ft basement ceiling to finish. Disappointed the tiles will not match. Only gives you color option not sure what happened

I absolutely love these

Contents: One of the best game changers when it comes to cost efficiently enhance the vibe to any room! I literally have these all over my studio and space in different shapes and styles. Highly recommend

in person omg

Contents: OK the box is so worth the money one of my favorites things I got on line for real.

Ceiling Tile

Contents: the tile is like plastic

New bathroom ceiling

Contents: Easy to use, great look, and quick shipping. Absolutely love the product!

Easy install

Contents: Easy installation, I am in love with my ceiling. Definitely recommend it to anyone doing a ceiling.

Solid product

Contents: Sturdy, well packaged product. Actual measurements are 23 ¾, made for drop ceiling but don’t measure for 24” exactly. I glued them up to my porch ceiling using Loctite Ultimate Grab. Worked great, small dabs of ⅛ on all contact points & around the perimeter. They are uniform but there are some very minor inconsistencies in the edges which you’ll see if you butt them together over a long run. I painted the joint lines black under prior to install and you don’t even notice hairline gaps here and there. YMMV but I’d buy them again for sure.

No straight edges. Not 2ft X 2ft.

Contents: Bought this product because it states it is 24x24 or 2ft X 2ft. None of the panels were exactly 2ft X 2ft. Some were 23 inches on one side whole the other side was 23 1/2. Others were 23 and 3/4. The edges were crooked. Terribly made. Terrible product that does not live up to its name or title.