Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 48sq.ft. Fashionable glue on wall DIY diamond pattern wall panels manufacturer direct and good quality, can be used interior wall design.

Product Parameter

Design code: A10903P12
Brand: Art3D
Size: 24"x24"
Embossed Thickness: Around 25 mm (0.984")
Principal Ingredients: PVC
Normally Finish: Matt white
Weight: 6 Kgs per box (±0.5 kgs)
Standard Packaging: Carton box package, 12 sheets in one package
Pattern Type: 4 sides repeatable
Customization: Available for order over 200 square meter
Notes: Patterns, photos and drawings are for illustration purposes only. Final production may vary.


It's made in the size of 24"x24“ to meet the standard 15/16” T bar grid system for easy drop in installation.

It can also be glued up on any flat substrates if it involves too much to assemble the grid system.

It can be cut with a large pair of scissors or utility knife, no power tools needed, no dust or any hazardous stuffs occur.

Customer Review

Well worth the price and a great value

Contents: I don't know where some of the negative reviews for this product are coming from. First, the tiles arrived very well packaged. They had protectors around the corners, everything was wrapped well in plastic, and they were placed in a solid box that said exactly what it was with instructions. Second, we used great glue that we applied through a caulk gun. Following instructions that we found on eBay that we had used for previous installations of other ceiling tiles, we liberally applied the glue in spots on the back of the tiles that would touch the ceiling, put them up, and held them for several minutes until the glue sufficiently held the tiles in place. In one spot where the tiles went over a bad, raised patch spot, we used a few white panel nails to ensure the tile held. Third, they look fantastic. The previous tiles we purchased from Home Depot and used were almost $100 for 8 2'x2' tiles. These were $60 for 12 2'x2' tiles. Thus, we are looking at 2.5x higher costs for those Home Depot ones. When you are talking about even an averaged sized room, that will be HUGE. We couldn't tell much of a quality difference. The main difference was the raised 3D pattern on these meant that we had to be more careful w/ where the glue went and how we pushed them up. We will still buy the more expensive Home Depot ones for other rooms where we want that pattern, but I will definitely buy more of these to finish what we started and do other rooms.

Plastic tiles not suitable

Contents: These tiles were not suitable for what we needed.But it looks beautiful.

They may require some extra support

Contents: These turned out beautiful, but they do require a lot of extra steps if not using in a traditional hung ceiling. I had to use decorative brad nails in the center and furring strips around the perimeter of each tile to provide the necessary support. If you can support each tile while the adhesive cures, then you may be able to skip this step. These probably work well in a traditional hung ceiling.

Looks nice

Contents: Used on the ceiling, super easy to put up & if you need to trim to fit it's easy. Just make sure to measure & double check!

They are pretty big in size but there beautiful

Contents: I am in love with my ceiling. Definitely recommend it to anyone doing a bathroom ceiling.

Very cool ceiling tiles

Contents: Very cool ceiling tiles,and we are very pleased with the final product.


Contents: Accepts Krylon Fusion spray paint well. Easy to install on wall.The final result looks pretty.


Contents: Who knew something thus beautiful could be so easy? Looking to do another area in my home.

ceiling tile

Contents: We used these to take the place of some drop ceiling panels and make a fun design on the ceiling. They fit perfectly and worked well for our purposes.


Contents: My husband and I installed these in a half bath of our 1940s home and it looks really nice. We just used power grab glue and caulking gun. I had to measure and cut several. I used scissors.