Each box contains 12 panels that can cover an area of 3 m² or 32.29 sq.ft. Fashionable glue on 3d wavy panel manufacturer direct, cheap price and good quality, can be used in exterior wall covering and interior wall design.

Product Parameter

Design code: A10040
Brand: Art3D
Size: 500 mm * 500 mm (19.68" * 19.68")
Embossed Thickness : Around 25 mm (0.984")
Principal Ingredients: PVC
Normal Finish: Matt white
Weight: 5 Kgs per box (±0.5 kgs)
Standard Packaging: Carton box package, 12 sheets in one package
Pattern Type: 4 sides repeatable
Customization: Available for order over 200 square meter
Notes: Patterns, photos and drawings are for illustration purposes only. Final production may vary.


Product Features

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Installation Guide

3d wall panel installation

3D Wavy Panels Application

3d wavy panels are ideal wall covering products that can be used in interior and exterior decoration. they are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, ceiling or any surface that needs covering. Such as living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration; company logo wall,lobby backdrop, reception desk front in office, restaurant, cafes or night clubs decoration. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for wall, 3d wavy panels can also be crafted into furniture designs, such as cabinet doors, bed headboard, bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. Important notice: even thought PVC material can be used in exterior environment, we strongly recommend using exterior 3d wall tiles (ACM resin material) for outdoor, for ACM resin is much more durable than PVC.

Customer Review

Good Product

Contents: I love my new wall panels. I bought 3 boxes to cover my 92 sq ft wall. As advertised they are paintable. I bought the white panels and painted them Benjamin Moore Royal Blue. My handyman had a hard time getting them to stick to the wall because my wall had semi-gloss paint on them. He bought Acrylic Pro and it worked like a charm!

Difficult to cut and install

Contents: Overall the product looks good, but cutting the tiles and adhering them to the wall is difficult. We wasted a lot of them.

I’m in love with my new wall!!!

Contents: I love my wall. We took 6 hours installing this panels, they where a little hard to cut even with new blades, but was worth the time. The way it looks in love. I decided not to go with the waves and put them like that it’s easier and the way it looks it’s different and very modern.

Vraiment satisfait du résultat!

Contents: Résultat super, mais pas facile à installer... Utilisez une colle qui sèche rapidement car les tuiles finissent par tomber si la colle prends trop de temps. Dans vos calculs de quantité à acheter, n’oubliez pas de prendre en considération le fait que les restes de tuiles coupées à la verticale ne sont pas réutilisables, à moins de faire une rangée de demie tuiles en haut et une autre en bas (les motifs ne fittent plus ensemble si non). Je suis très satisfait du résultat.

They are ok.

Contents: These panels are cheaper than a lot of other similar options out there. I order a box for a small wall in the entrance I wanted to make a statement on as you enter the house. The panels are well made and are very durable. But they just didn't "do it" for me. I just found the overall look to be a bit cheap looking. So instead I used hardwood flooring on the accent wall which turned out amazing. If you really want this waving look with seams in between each row go for it, the product is good. If you are on the fence design-wise, try something else.


Contents: Needs solid backing and a bit fragile if using nailer but spackling works well to fill in gaps. We used glue and nailer and cut with sheet metal shears, easy. Looks great

Looks great after its done

Contents: Not bad after all said and done. A bit tough to install tho. Used gorilla adhesive and tacks to hold it down. The panels are a bit warped and not flat so you need to hold it down with something. Def plan a full day and a helping hand.

Easy to work with

Contents: The most time was taken just figuring out how and where to start. Read reviews here, and decided to use white Gorilla adhesive. Make sure adhesive is applied to the edges so they don’t lift. Once we got going, application was quick and easy! Panels were easy to work with. Make sure all panels are applied the same direction. It DOES matter.

Good Quality but not so easy to install only if you use the Sherwin Williams 1050QD trust me

Contents: This 3D wall panels are made with a quality material, resistant, recommended for walls in where the kids play close around. The complain is; instructions are not so clear, I had to search videos or tutorials about what product I need to adhere the panels to a concrete wall, I spent money using 3M spray, joint compound and other type of "glue", liquid nails but any of them provided a good and fast adherence. Finally I found the best product ever to work with this panels... and is the Sherwin williams 1050QD (Quick Dry), better than this product ... nothing. I end the job easily, clean with a professional finish. Highly recommended. Im giving only 4 because the instructions are not clear. But in over all I recommend those panels

Use white thinset & apply like backsplash.

Contents: Very pleased with the 3D PVC panels. Received them Thursday and installed this weekend. I recently built a TV/fireplace on the main wall of my living room and needed something to go on either side of the build-out and saw these panels on here. The panels I installed on the right I used liquid nail and 100% silicone, it took a bit of work and I was almost disappointed, not with the look, but the amount of effort it took to get these to stick just right. Then the next day I started the left side and I thought..."These are light weight off panels..it shouldn't be this difficult to put these up..I've put up heavy 12x24 wall tiles though out my house with no problems.." Then I remembered I had some white thinset left from tiling the fire place, mixed it up and used a V-notched trowel like I was putting up regular backsplash..and I finished the whole left side in 15mins. :) Pro Tip: Use a good white thinset & mix like peanut butter, small V-Notch Trowel. For reference my wall is 18ft wide x 17ft tall. The fire place is 10ft wide x 9ft tall. I may order more to do the upper half of the wall.