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A13013 - Acoustic Leather Backdrop 20.67 sq.ft
Sep 13, 2015

I received the sample with good, thank you very much, I am going to buy more items and resell here.

By Jochem From United States
A13004 - PU Leather Wall Paneling 1.92 m²
Sep 07, 2015

Real products are better than the photos shown here, I suggest that your photographer should improve the skill of shotting. I am more than glad to be help :)

By entroy From United States
A13011 - 3D Interior Leather Panel 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 31, 2015

Nice design

By adachen3 From United States
A13033 - Embossed Leather Wall Art 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 28, 2015

Love it! It was easy to install and looks great! Anyone who has seen them has offered compliments.

By drouet From United States
A13041 - PVC Leather Wall Panel 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 27, 2015

Tiles exactly as described, shipped promptly, fit and finish quite acceptable, price reasonable. Would buy from again.

By starknight From United States
A13008 - Textured PU Leather Tile 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 22, 2015

The products were in great shape and arrived on time. I had no issues in ordering from the company.

By Tim From United States
A13002 - 3D Leather Wall Panel 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 22, 2015

The tiles are beautiful and now that they are installed, I am very happy. The tiles that I ordered need to be handled very gently otherwise scrapes remove color. They were a good price, so I am happy, just be very careful handling these or they will get scratched.

By Tim From United States
A13025 - Decorative 3D Leather Design 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 18, 2015

The panels look great in my dining room! My friend installed them and he seemed to have some trouble but I think my old house has uneven walls.

By hotsedwin From United States
A13022 - Eco Leather Wall Tile 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 18, 2015

It looks great behind my bed. Highly recommend! Good Job :)

By Kandy From United States
A13042 - PVC Leather Wall Tile 20.67 sq.ft
Aug 08, 2015

When I received the wall panel from art3d wall I was pleasantly surprised because it even looked better than the one my friend had. Thank you so much.

By elizabeth From United States