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A17049 - Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile Sticker for Kitchen, Set of 10
Great product Sep 27, 2022

I really love this product! I give it 4.5 stars. The only issue I had was if I needed to peel it off to adjust it, it ripped.

By mishruns From United States
A16621-Art3d Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile Subway in Antique Copper, 10-Pack 15
unexpected great help Sep 27, 2022

I bought the last five boxes of the antique copper subway backsplash on amazon but received three of the subway tile and two boxes of the square 12X12 antique cooper. I had to return the two boxes of wrong tile to amazon. When I contacted amazon I was told that I could wait to see if the seller would be offering the tile again before the return date was up. I decided to contact Art3d and explained what happened and got a prompt reply even though I did not know I had because it went to my spam folder. I gave the information that was needed to Sharly and was told by her that there were six boxes in their warehouse and I would be getting them at the same price per box as I paid on amazon and with free shipping. The reply was prompt within a day as promised and they really remedied what happened. I thought I would have to return the other three boxes to amazon for a refund and start over when I really had my heart set on this backsplash. Thank you Art3d and Sharly for solving the problem. I am very happy now we can start our project in the kitchen.

From United States
A17001P20 -20 Sheets  Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash Extra Sticky, Mosaic Design in Black,Dark Gray, Med Gray and White for Kitchen, Bathroom
Love it! Sep 19, 2022

I started with semi gloss painted walls. I sanded them with a palm sander until most of the sheen was removed. Wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. I didn’t use any additional adhesive but just stuck the tiles on the wall. Pretty easy! The whole project took about 3 hours. There was a noticeable off gassing odor when you peel the backing off. If you have a chemical sensitivity be sure to open all the windows and run an air purifier. It went away within a few days. Overall love the look for a fraction of the price of the real thing!

By Foxy101 From United States
A17000P20 --20 Sheet Peel and stick backsplash tiles for kitchen, 12''x12'' in white
Good for the price Sep 19, 2022

The adhesion honestly surprised me, it sticks really good. Too good in fact, which is one of the reasons I’m giving 4 stars. If any part of the piece I was trying to line up stuck to another piece on the wall, 90% of the time it’d be so sticky I couldn’t get it off of the other piece without tearing it up. I had to purchase another pack of them because of that. Another issue I noticed once I had them all up was either my wall or the pieces shifted. Not sure how, but I have gaps that weren’t there before and you can see the wall behind the tile. I went back with some grey paint (in second pic) and touched the gap up so it’s not as noticeable. Other than those issues, they look really good & they’re super easy to clean!

By Brooke Tisdale From United States
A17000P20 --20 Sheet Peel and stick backsplash tiles for kitchen, 12''x12'' in white
Worth the money Sep 19, 2022

As you can see I took a different angle with these tiles instead of using them as a backsplash I used him to cover up a very ugly ugly shower insert I think they look amazing And they’re waterproof since they’re a backsplash no problems with using them in the shower I just love that idea they gave the entire bath area a facelift

By Gannie From United States
A17000P20 --20 Sheet Peel and stick backsplash tiles for kitchen, 12''x12'' in white
They look great if you can line them up well Sep 19, 2022

These are SUPER STICKY. If you don't get a tile positioned quite right, you either live with it or destroy it (and deface the surface behind it) if you pull it up. Best result if you can rest the bottom edge of each row against a fixed straight edge during application -- so that each tile is PRECISELY lined up with the one previously placed next to it. Even with a few minor alignment deviations, they still look pretty good. Way less mess than ceramic tiles.

By Randall K. From United States
A16513 -   Peel and Stick Distressed Rustic Wood Panel, 13.5x11.4inches Each Tile
Fantastic look Sep 13, 2022

I have already received a lot of compliments on my new bathroom wall, these tiles were easy to apply and trim and look and feel fantastic!

From United States
A16701-Peel and Stick Backsplash for Kitchen Décor, Self-Adhesive Tile Hexagon Mosaic Tiles(10 Sheets)
Looks good, easy to put up Aug 18, 2022

Easy to use. Sticks well. Hard to cut individual tiles (I used scissors but would have been better with maybe a box cutter-precision knife wasn’t enough). For clean edging I used a sticky edging piece and I highly recommend.

By Rebecca E Miller From United States
A17000P20 --20 Sheet Peel and stick backsplash tiles for kitchen, 12''x12'' in white
These are GREAT Aug 13, 2022

I love these they look great Ms we’re SO EASY to put up!

From United States
A17601 -10 SF Self-Adhesive Backsplash Tiles, Faux Marble Tiles
Classroom Makeover Aug 11, 2022

I ordered these tiles to refresh my classroom space. Very happy with them. They look great and matched up well. Our higher up admin stopped by and would like to fund more rooms to do the same! The only small issue I had was that some of the corners on some pieces were a bit crushed- but I just used those tiles for the ones where I had to piece things together. Overall, very pleased.

By Updated Diva! From United States