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A21051 - Paintable 3D Texture Wall Panel Maze Design, White, 12 Tiles 32 SF
Came as advertised Aug 10, 2022

It was as advertised. Cutting was a little more difficult if the cut went through the raised design. What would be helpful if a totally flat piece was included so if there is only a small piece needed at the ends or bottom, it could be use for a cleaner look instead of cutting through a raised design. What to do with a partial piece was not included in any of the how to videos that I saw.

From United States
A10038GY - Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Wall Design, 12 Tiles 32 SF
Highly recommend Jul 21, 2022

I painted mine silver these make a huge statement, they are made of pretty thick plastic so Have a good cutting tool

By Chanda From United States
A21082 - Plant Fiber Decorative 3D Wall Panels for Interior, 12 Tiles 32 SF
I’ll be doing other walls Jul 13, 2022

Not easy to cut, but looks awesome above my fireplace

By Amazon Customer From United States
A10041 - 3D Wall Panel PVC Wave Wall Design, White, 12 Tiles 32 SF
Excellent way to make your wall the center of attention Jul 11, 2022

Very light material, easy to cut but it does take a little bit of time to glue it on the wall... make sure you do make a frame around it for it to look finish.

By Gretchen Hidalgo From United States
A21030 - Decorative 3D Wall Panels Cornus Angustata Design, 12 Tiles 32 SF
Perseverance Pays Off Jul 05, 2022

These lightweight tiles are beautiful! We chose to use them on the ceiling of our mud room. Install was a unique experience. We did not find any previous reviews on using them on the ceiling, but forged ahead regardless. The seams did not line up perfectly and this was triggering for my perfectionist self. My husband, the installer, did not personally see this as an issue, but he knows me well enough to know I would. We used super glue in each corner and the center as well as gorilla glue along all of the sides to attach them to the ceiling. The super glue dries faster so it got them to stick while the gorilla glue dried. We found ourselves needing to use tacks as an additional method to keep them hung until the glue dried. My husband then went around the seams with white caulking to hide the imperfections. We cut holes for recessed lighting. This was a mild challenge due to the edges peeling at times, but the caulking was able to hide that too. We then chose to paint over everything with white paint to give a uniform look and feel. All in all, a manageable, slightly obnoxiously time consuming task. My husband and I agree we would do it all again even knowing what we know now, because the final outcome feels beautiful and unique.

By brittney From United States
A10051-PVC 3D Diamond Wall Panel Jagged Matching-Matt White, for Residential and Commercial Interior Décor
These are amazing and well worth it! Jun 28, 2022

First of all let me tell y'all these are amazing I had a friend help me out and do all the cool measurements and everything I put it before and after a how bad my wall was these tiles look amazing very easy to cut and shape to the size you need I think they're well worth it for the price I recommend you I also recommend you buy a lot of command strips I'm talking about at least a pair of 40 of them or you can use some type of like glue might mess up your walls though!

By Ana From United States
A10038WT - Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Wall Design, 12 Tiles 32 SF

You won’t regret it!!

By Jasmine C Hodge A From United States
A10038BK - Textures 3D Wall Panels White Diamond Wall Design, 12 Tiles 32 SF
The best addition to my living space Jun 15, 2022

I love it love it love it

By antonio rayford From United States
A10037 - PVC Wave Board Textured 3D Wall Panels, White Wave, 12 Tiles 32 SF
Great product Jun 12, 2022

Love the new look of our restaurant

By Eli From United States
A10034 - Decorative Three D Wall Paneling for Interior Wall Decor 32 Sq.Ft (Pack of 12)
Good product, tough to work with. Jun 04, 2022

Let's start with the good: the panels are made of very durable and printable PVC. They are well cut and packaged well. I went through 9 boxes of them and did not find any defects or damage to any of the panels I used. The tougher part of these is the installation. If you're just applying them in full sheets to a section of a wall or you only have to do a couple simple cuts, you'll be just fine. Anything more than just trimming them takes some realtime and skill. After a bit of trial and error, I found the best and easiest way to install was with a combination of some heavy duty construction scissors and a blow torch with a curved linoleum or construction knife. The edges of the design are where the heated blade comes in handy. The panels are thin enough to where you can melt through them with a hot blade. Overall I'm pretty happy with the product even with the struggle of installation. I have a background in construction and have built homes and restaurants before, so I had the skill to do the job. If you don't have experience with tools or are uncomfortable using sharp objects, maybe another product is right for you. These worked great for us!

By Customer From United States